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Gestalt is a holistic Psychotherapy which utilizes aspects of Western and Eastern psychology. Gestalt integrates present centeredness, visualization, and the experience of “No-thingness,” with a knowledge of personality development and the use of therapeutic feedback. Gestalt Therapy develops the abilities of self-support, joyfulness, and intimacy.

Richard Shrobe is a psychotherapist, specializing in the Gestalt approach. He is currently on the faculty of the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy. In addition, he was formerly Head Teacher-Integral Yoga Institute and is currently Head Teacher Chogye Zen Center. His psychotherapy approach utilizes his experience with Western and Eastern disciplines for the past 30 years.

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Available for individual and couples therapy






  1. Denise Johnstone says

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your teaching on this weekend’s YMJJ retreat at Cambridge Zen Center. I particularly found it helpful when you said “enlightenment comes and goes that’s the point”. Hopefully I’m not misquoting you on this, but I found it helpful in relation to the small kensho experiences I have that even if I were to have a larger kensho experience at some time in the future that too would be impermanent – as you say – that’s the point. This is also what my teacher in Australia tells me – and she also says “you’d still be you” but it helps me to be told in different ways by different teachers. It’s true the experiences are seductive but I don’t look for them so much now (although I did for a time) especially as I don’t know what will trigger one. They are also instructive too and, for me at least, they leave their mark – I might not feel as connected or non-attached as I did in the moment of kensho afterwards but still, somehow, echoes of that state stay with me. Thanks also for the introductory koan work Kwan Um style – it was fun – and useful for staying supple I think. I think Robert Aiken’s Dharma heirs tend to start with the big questions first, at least that’s what I’m used to, so the Kwan Um approach is quite different for me. If you are ever in Australia please let me know. Despite the large distances there are frequent flights between major cities and I would like to sit a retreat with you again some time. I am considering sitting Kyol Che for 4 weeks in Provenance next year so anything is possible. Kind regards, hope your throat is better, Denise.

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