Haiti Needs Your Help!

A March 16th Lancet article by Harvard Medical School of Public Health estimates that without interventions 11,000 People in Haiti will die by the end of the year from Cholera related illnesses.
Some rural locations do not have Medical Clinics in the event Cholera is diagnosed.We are hoping with your help to supply The Hatian People’s Support Project with 100 Jerrycans.

Your purchase of a Water Filter on behalf of HPSP is tax deductible.
A Better World is a New York-based organization. We are registered as a supplier to UNICEF and other United Nations Agencies. Our Jerrycan will eliminate bacteria, cysts, fungi, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, viruses ( H1NI & Cholera) and all other microbiological water-borne contaminants and pathogens without the use of Chlorine, Iodine or any other chemicals. These represent a real breakthrough in portable, cost-efficient, water filtration technology.A Better World Jerrycan will produce 20,000 Liters of safe, sterile drinking water. Retail $449
We are offering it to Relief Agencies for $395
Actual cost 9 cents per gallon

Ordering a Jerrycan will help Haiti get back on their feet and supply the clean water they need!
Send a check, payable to:
A Better World
653 East 14th Street # 7D
New York, New York 10009

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