The Healing Field: Excellent, New Documentary Now on DVD – Order Here.

lipton-bruce              THE HEALING FIELD Documentary on DVD is now available! 

        Exploring Energy & Consciousness

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              2016 TELLY AWARD WINNER!

             “The Healing Field is a beautiful and meaningful film.”   – Woodstock Museum Film Festival.  

              “A wonderful and inspiring documentary.”   – Marilee Burrell, Natural Awakenings magazine.

“An important contribution to helping us understand how holistic healing practices reawaken our consciousness, humanity, and oneness.” — Karen D. Saroop, The Green Brain Initiative

– The 6o-minute version will be broadcast on PBS from Jan. 2017- Dec. 2019.

Special Extended 82 min. DVD Edition: Explore breakthroughs in quantum physics, genetics, energy medicine, and mind-body techniques. Meet acclaimed experts and practitioners; see inspiring healing stories; and discover how energy medicine is changing our health, our society, and our future!

Learn powerful self-healing practices such as Running Energy™ with Ron Lavin, MA; soundwork with Melodee Gabler; mental imagery with Gerald Epstein, MD; and qigong with Gary Renza.

Featuring: Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness spokesperson; Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist; Candace Pert, PhD, neuroscientist; 

Hyla Cass, MD, integrative medicine expert; Ron Lavin, MA, founder of One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing & Mystery School; Kenneth Cohen, qigong master; Gerald Epstein, MD, mental imagery expert; Gary Renza, qigong instructor; Melodee Gabler, sound healing practitioner.

 + Bonus Material (17 min): Expert interviews including Larry Dossey, MD, and self-healing practices with Gerald Epstein, MD and Rollin McCraty, PhD.

 Produced, directed, and written by Penny Price. She has worked on Good Morning America, Kids Are People Too, NBC Magazine, Geraldo, and many more, and has won Emmy, Maggie, Telly, and Chris Awards. Penny has been practicing energy medicine since 2000.

See THE HEALING FIELD trailer on Penny’s website. (3 min.) • 845-878-5165


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