The Tao of Relationship: A Better World/Heaven on Earth Workshop – to be announced

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 How do we respond to life’s uncertainty, conflict and stress with calm, center, balance, authenticity and humor?   Knowing how to manage stress, to communicate with others and oneself (and one’s own body), along with personal development on many levels are addressed in this ongoing workshop.
A Better World Workshops are about leadership, health, wellness, personal development and well-being.  Living a spiritually meaningful, attuned life, pushing human potential and rich with vitality on all levels.  As we become more aware and conscious, students become more in touch with their sense of purpose and find themselves in leading others serving the greater good. 
By enhancing our own humanness, compassion, empathy, patience, integrity, and understanding we become much more functional and vital. Mitchell invites us to use our mind and brain, relying on psychology and neuroscience, we explore realms of possibility. 
One of many students who have attended one of Mitchell’s workshops:
To Anyone Who Is Seeking A Better Life,

Mitch is for sure creating ‘A Better World’! His therapeutic sessions are full of life-changing activities and conversation. I was faced with extremely saddening and difficult life situations that simply had me baffled and at a standstill. I earnestly didn’t know where to turn. I needed sound, balanced and grounded answers. Mitch’s Thursday evening session supplied all of that and more. It is a welcoming safe and nonjudgmental confidential haven of nothing but unconditional love, Embarrassment and shame aren’t allowed into this space, Our community is too solution focused to give them an audience.  Mitch is dedicated to assisting you in creating a life of all you want it to be . This unique opportunity is available to all that seek it. Come begin your journey of healing in the most special environment I’ve ever encountered. Forever Grateful,  D.S.  L.I.,NY

Through Qi-Gong and Mindfulness Meditation:  We attune to Gaia, Earth Mother and to each other.  Participants come into touch with a heartfelt connectedness to all life, and learn to care for it and thereby model this interconnectedness in daily living through Mitchell’s model of Sacred Stewardship.
Participants love the sense of ‘home’ this group creates, a place of support, openness and growth.  We do group work, communications and Therapeutic Theater, a way of putting oneself into the shoes of another and vice-versa, a powerful technique for building better communication and empathy.  Mitchell often looks at the neuro-physiology of gratitude, forgiveness and love, as well as the opposite emotions and their effects on the mind-body-spirit. 
In this workshop, we shy away from nothing but address some of the very challenging aspects of relationship, boundaries, sex, death, belief systems, religion, business and money.
All pointing to how we can be better stewards of our home, planet Earth, in all of our relations and how from this place we can lead a rich, purposeful, meaningful, enjoyable life with dignity and plenty of friendship, health, humor, love and well-being that is in service to the whole.
The workshop addresses health and well-being, the relationship between mind-body-spirit, the neuro-physiology of gratitude, love, laughter and forgiveness., We explore the social, emotional and stress-related causes of illness, epigenetic and ancestral.  Using some traditional Chinese energetic understandings, students gain greater perspective and leverage over their own health and well-being.
What if society or the eco-system as we know it, collapses? Or our relationships?  Families?A Better World-Heaven on Earth workshop, using stress, energy management & communication techniques builds leadership skills, community and empowers its participants.  Participants enter a quantum field of new possibilities. 
Health and wellness practices, Inner & Therapeutic Theater, role-playing act as powerful tools to clarify one’s own perspective, find center and empowerment while at the same time, opening up space to understand and empathize with another, no matter the context–your business or personal life, a partner, lover, parent, boss, friend.  Conflict resolution often follows from this and our shaping the quantum field.
mitchell-writing in studioMitchell J. Rabin brings over 30 years of work in the fields of psychology, acupuncture, teacher, workshop facilitator,  entrepreneur, creative consultant, media, Energy Medicine, communication, meditation and T’ai-Chi practitioner, and knowledge of wisdom traditions East and West.  His work in private practice in NY and Ct., yet with clients around the world, with individuals, couples and families, coaching, guiding, working therapeutically, is the experience he brings to the workshops.  
He has offered workshops & taught in Holland, Germany, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and throughout the U.S.  
With humor and a light touch, Mitchell has been known to take some of the most challenging of interpretations of experiences and facilitate people’s seeing ‘the lighter side’, learn and move forward in their lives, rich with meaning, service, joy and well-being.  For more, go to: and
 If interested in attending the NYC workshop, please contact and put into the subject line: Heaven On Earth.  You are welcome to be part of this life-affirming workshop. The workshop meets every other Monday with occasional exceptions.

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