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howard-beckmanMonday, 6pm EST, April 25, 2011: Today Mitchell interviews renowned master Vedic Astrologer, Howard Beckman, with over 35 years’ experience. As a teacher of Vedanta and Vedic science he travels worldwide teaching the interconnection of the “Three Sister Sciences” of Ayurveda, Yoga & Vedic (Jyotish) Astrology. Additionally, Howard (Hamsa) is a world-class gemologist and utilizes gemstones as part of the healing and fruition aspects of his work with clients. Mitchell had a Vedic reading with Mitchell, some of which you’ll learn about in today’s interview, which will give you a window in to both the nature of Howard’s work as a Vedic Astrologer and into Mitchell’s own psyche, soul and future as Jyotish would speak it, so tune in! Visit:


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