In Honor of Edgar Mitchell: Round Table on IONS with Cassie Vieten & Barbara Marx Hubbard


Ed_Mitchell_Apollo_14In honor of the Founder of IONS, astro-physicist, astronaut and author Edgar Mitchell, we are re-airing a Round Table which took place July 22, 2015 with IONS President Cassandra Vieten and futurist, visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Edgar was scheduled to be part of the Round Table but had to bow out at the last minute.  Edgar Mitchell passed on February 5, 2016.
Quote below taken from the In Memoriam article by Cassie Vieten:

“When he returned from space forty-five years ago, Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell committed his life to supporting a sustainable future. He worked tirelessly to understand and promote what he viewed as an absolutely necessary collective shift in consciousness. To those of us who knew him well, Edgar was an enthusiastic, loving, dedicated, courageous, generous, and brilliant man who inspired us to be bold in our exploration of the further reaches of human potential, to fearlessly challenge inadequate paradigms, and to carry his spirit of adventure into investigating our inner lives.cassiheadshotb

Most people know Edgar Mitchell best as an Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth person to walk on the moon. A US Navy Captain, MIT-trained aeronautics engineer, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the NASA distinguished service award, and 2005 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize among many other honors, Edgar Mitchell was a hero in the truest sense of the word.

What fewer people know is that Edgar’s spirit of exploration extended well beyond space travel to his lifelong dedication to increasing our scientific understanding of the nature of consciousness.”  

We are grateful to Edgar for his pioneering spirit which formed IONS, which is a global force for good and opening up new paradigms of thinking, experience and exploration.  And to Paul Temple who appreciated Edgar’s vision at the beginning and provided the resources for IONS to be established.

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