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mitchell rabinWednesday, June 25, 6pm EDT: This evening’s radio show will be a call-in show with host of A Better World Radio, Mitchell Jay Rabin.

It’s about opening up consciousness to what we sense may be its next evolutionary stage, a shift to something else, so that we can begin to conceive a world of beauty, compassion and integrity, far, far different than so much of the world we have today.

We will scan the planetary systems in place from this elevated view and see how we can intercede most effectively in this lower consciousness with a laugh or two, perhaps a tear or two, and seek to nudge the human species “upward and forward”, in terms of mindfulness but beyond mindfulness, to a place of a new space of human potential, moving into the pre-frontal cortex and the heartspace of coherence where we can burst forward with appreciation, gratitude, compassion and love as we look out, from this purview, at the world we’ve created.

All are invited to call in and ask questions or comment.

Mitchell is a holistic psychotherapist, communication consultant, acupuncturist, Stress Management Consultant, Workshop leader, Host & Producer of A Better World Radio & TV, teacher, eco-entrepreneur.
Mitchell has chapters in several books, such as The Code, The Fire from Heaven and The New Heart at Work. He additionally writes for Natural News and the Huffington Post.

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