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Monday, Sept. 28, 7pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest this evening is the the poetic and gifted Joseph-Mark Cohen, rebbe to many, in honor of the Jewish High Holy Days.

With Mitchell, Rebbe Joseph-Mark Cohen speaks on Kabbalah and the Power of Sound. Joseph-Mark is the founder of The Tree-of-Life School, through which he teaches Kabballah, Astrology, sound-healing and the wisdom embedded in the mystical traditions and sacred sites around the world.

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He has been practicing the art of kabbalistic astrology for the past 30 years. His early astrological influences included Dane Rudhyar and John Addey. He has been presenting kabbalistic astrology at a wide variety of conferences and seminars (AFAN, ARC, UAC, Whole Life and New Life Expos) for over 2 decades.
Joseph-Mark is the founder of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School, which presents seminars in shamanic kabbalah and kabbalistic healing at sacred sites planet wide. He is a student of earth mysteries, with a profound love of the mythologies and ceremonies of indigenous peoples throughout the world.
A gifted story-teller, creative catalyst, and polarity therapist, Joseph-Mark enjoys presenting Astrodrama (experiential astrology) in a variety of venues.
He is also the creator of Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars, The Right Name Consulting & the Pneemah Planetary Healing Initiative. Joseph-Mark is the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, (an epic poem 30 years in the writing), which weaves kabbalistic lore, star mythology, archeo-astronomy and earth mysteries into an extraordinary ceremonial invocation.


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