Jungian Astrologer, Monty Taylor & Vedic Astrologer, Arun Singh

http://abetterworld.net/images/monty.jpgArun SinghWednesday, Dec. 29, 2010, 6pm EST: Today’s show is utilizing the art and science of astrology, Western and Vedic, to understand the influences and conjunctions before us in 2011 relative to the domestic and global economies, social, political and emotional conditions. To discuss this today is renowned Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor, who has been a guest on a number of occasions, and to speak from the Vedic astrological point of view, is Arun Singh, who was reared in a traditional Indian environment near New Delhi with Jyotisha being a living aspect of that environment. Additional to his work in Vedic Astrology with clients from Bollywood to Hollywood, Washington to Wall St., he has been a chemist, writer and now a budding filmmaker.
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