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The award winning PureWater bottle is the world’s first all-in-one ultra filtration water bottle. Its unique design and revolutionary approach to water filtration has made way for a paradigm shift in how people drink. Now anyone, anywhere can be confident they are consuming only clean, pathogen free water.

The LifeSaver bottle — Filters all microbiological contaminates including H1N1 (Swine Flu) without chemical additives.


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Too much of the world lacks access to clean drinking water. Engineer Michael Pritchard did something about it – inventing the portable Lifesaver filter, which can make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds. An amazing demo from TEDGlobal 2009
LifeSaver Bottle performance & technical data

Download the LSHTM lab. test results.

Download the LIFESAVER bottle Instruction Manual or click on the image right.

Video clip of LIFESAVER bottle demonstration on BBC News 24.

A video demonstration from Carp-TV of the
award winning LIFESAVER Bottle from

LifeSaver Water Bottle on Telegraph TV

December 14: British inventor Michael Prichard has designed a water bottle that cleans all bacteria and viruses out of any liquid, here, he explains the impact he wants it to have on the third world.


Tested and certified

“The ‘Lifesaver bottles’ were tested using micro organisms in far greater numbers than could ever be found in natural water sources. This is the worse-case scenario approach recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and their guidelines have been used to draw up our own protocols for testing of all Microbiological Water Purifiers. As well as using modified tap water for our tests we use samples taken from a pond or stream as our challenge test water to simulate ‘real-life’ situations as per EPA guidelines.”


Under the conditions of testing in our laboratory as shown in this report, our results show that the ‘Lifesaver Bottle’ removed all bacteria and viruses from a contaminated water source in excess of legal requirements and as such, complies with all British, US and European Drinking Water Regulations for Microbiological Reduction.
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Water is weight!
One of the heaviest things to carry around is water. On a hot day you need as much as 10 kilos of the stuff. Carrying a LIFESAVER bottle means this extra weight is no longer necessary. Use the LIFESAVER bottle to collect water from streams, rock pools, muddy puddles and dirty ditches.

Travelling abroad – protect your family
Drinking water whilst abroad is hazardous at the best of times. Now you don’t have to worry. Just take your LIFESAVER bottle with you. Fill it directly from a tap or other sources of water to protect you and your family from all waterborne diseases.

Emergency preparedness
“Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!” Whether it is flooding in the UK, hurricanes in America or contamination in the local water supply, safe sterile drinking water can be impossible to get hold of. Having a LIFESAVER bottle means you no longer need to worry. It will process up to 6000 litres of safe sterile drinking water. Give you and your family the certainty of supply with the LIFESAVER bottle.

“ The smallest bacteria are about 200nm (200 nanometers) in size, the smallest viruses are about 25nm.
The holes in LIFESAVER membranes are 15nm so nothing is getting through.”

I developed the LIFESAVER after I saw the tragic waste of life and serious problems caused by the lack of safe drinking water in the wake of the tsunami in December 2004 and then again the following year on August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. I could not believe it. I really felt that something had to be done. It took a little while and some very frustrating prototypes but eventually I did it.
LIFESAVER bottle uses a highly advanced ultra filtration system, originally developed for industrial applications. LIFESAVER bottle will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens. It does all this without the aid of any foul tasting chemicals like iodine or chlorine. As I pointed out to a friend one day “using chemicals to kill bacteria is not always effective and anyway all you are doing is drinking a chemical cocktail with some dead pathogens in it.”
Whilst inventing LIFESAVER bottle I also invented FAILSAFE technology. In simple terms this means that when the cartridge has expired it shuts off, preventing the user from drinking contaminated water. Just change the cartridge and continue to use.
LIFESAVER bottle has been designed to help save lives supplying people with clean pathogen-free drinking water. Use it when you are trekking, camping, traveling abroad or anywhere you don’t trust the water.
Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly at abetterworldinfo@gmail.

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LIFESAVER ships bottles and jerrycans to Haiti – BBC Radio 19/1/10 interview on how LIFESAVER is helping earthquake victims.
BBC news report: Michael Pritchard interview & demo.
BBC Radio 4 PM blog page on the radio interview with Michael Pritchard on Sep. 18th 2007.
Audio interview on “The World Today” – BBC World Service, 12th September 2007.

Winner –
Gear of the Year Award, 2007

“If anything good came of Hurricane Katrina it’s the 750-ml LIFESAVER, a new chemical-free water filter that removes 99.999 percent of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens. Inspired by the survivors’ hardships, Britain’s Michael Pritchard designed it to use replaceable cartridges that clean up to 6,000 litres of dirty water. Simply scoop, pump, and slurp out of a bike bottle-style teat for the fastest filtering available.”

Men’s Journal, 2007

Winner –
Best in Test
Award, 2008

“The Rolls Royce of water filters. The LIFESAVER bottle is incredibly easy to use; the directions of use are simple to understand and apply without much practice. A great safety feature of this product is that when the cartridge has expired, the system automatically shuts off, preventing you from drinking contaminated water. I am very impressed with the build, quality and specifications of this water purifier and see it as a definite investment”

Bushcraft Magazine, 2008

Winner – BestSoldier Technology Award, 2007

“The LIFESAVER bottle is an innovative water purification device that can remove debris, bacteria and viruses from water utilizing a unique membrane filtration system. With a 15 nanometre diameter filtration, it effectively creates fresh water instantly and safely for a soldier or marine. Water is weight! The LIFESAVER bottle provides water scavenging capability and fulfils a critical need of sustainability on the battlefield.”Mark Richter, Programme Manager, MERS, Marine Corps Systems

Command, Quantico VA





Trail Magazine article PDF

Chew-proof teat

LIFESAVER bottle is fitted with a chew-proof non-tasting replaceable teat. Although it is chew-proof it will after time begin to wear. Unlike many other systems LIFESAVER bottle has been designed so that its teat can easily be changed.

Activated carbon filter

LIFESAVER bottle also comes with an activated carbon filter. This is made of high specification activated carbon block which reduces a broad spectrum of chemical residues including pesticides, endocrine disrupting compounds, medical residues and heavy metals such as lead and copper. It also eliminates bad tastes and odours from contaminates such as chlorine and sulphur. It is designed to last approximately 250 Litres.

LIFESAVER cartridges

LIFESAVER bottle is fitted with either a 4000UF or 6000UF replaceable cartridge. The 4000UF has a service rating of up to 4000 litres of water and the 6000UF up to 6000 litres. The cartridge will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens from your water (see performance data).

FAILSAFE technology

As the cartridge approaches the end of its life the bottle requires a greater number of pumps to induce water to flow. When the bottle requires a significant number of pumps to induce water to flow this indicates that it is nearing the end of its life. When no more water can be induced to flow despite continuous pumping, the cartridge has expired and it is time to replace it.

No chemicals

Users of iodine and other foul-tasting chemical sanitizers will appreciate that LIFESAVER bottle does NOT use any chemicals.

It simply filters out all water-borne pathogens creating safe sterile drinking water – fast.


Over-pressurisation LIFESAVER bottle is designed not to over-pressurise. Over-pumping LIFESAVER bottle will cause the flip lid to bulge. If pumping continues, then the teat will open and release the water – this is a safety feature. Wound jetwash – Due to its unique pneumatic action, LIFESAVER bottle can be used to direct a pressurised jet of sanitized water directly onto a wound, jetting away debris and other contaminants. LIFESAVER bottle allows for levels of wound irrigation never before possible in the field.Any position operation LIFESAVER bottle has been designed to work at any angle and in any axis. This means that in effect it will work in any position. Not only are you able to drink from it at any angle, but fill mugs, water bottles, pans and other water storage vessels.Filtration on demand Filters water on demand rather than on collection, resulting in rapid scavenging of water in the field. With LIFESAVER bottle there is no time wasted filtering water at the point of collection or waiting for chemicals to work. Simply ‘Scoop and Go’. Just give it a few pumps and that’s it, as soon as you open the teat clean drinking water begins to flow.Pre-filter disc / scavenging sponge LIFESAVER bottle is supplied with a pre-filter disc. This protects the membranes from objects such as gravel, sand, sticks and mud, prolonging the life of the LIFESAVER cartridge. Your pre-filter disc may also be used as a sponge. Use it to soak up water from those hard to reach areas like cracks in rocks or shallow puddles. 


LIFESAVER systems have developed instructicons™. These unique icons have been designed to be universally understood. Instructicons use no words or numbers, just simple, easy to understand icons.

We distribute LifeSaver Bottles in cases of 10
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