Lynne Mctaggart, Author, Internationally-Acclaimed Journalist, Science Writer

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Lynne MctaggartMonday, June 18, 6pm EDT:

Today’s show is a discussion on what is hard-wired in a human being, vs. what is thought to be, that is, how scientific assumptions change over time with new information.  Discoveries in neuroscience help us to form a new understanding of human potential, the basis of today’s interview.

My guest is internationally-acclaimed journalist and science writer, Lynne Mctaggart.  Lynne is a recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality & the award-winning author of five books, including The Intention Experiment and The Field, which have been published in eighteen and fourteen languages, respectively.

She is also co-executive director of Conatus, which publishes some of the world’s most respected health and spiritual newsletters, including What Doctors Don’t Tell You and Living the Field. She lives in London.

Today’s dialogue centers on Lynne’s latest book, The Bond, and how neuro-science as well as our growing understanding of hormones influences our understanding of human nature, distinct from the typical assumptions based on the Darwinian paradigm.

Lynne has been a guest on A Better World TV as well.  Tune in for a dynamic dialogue with these two impassioned thinkers.

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