Fions & A Better World host David Christopher in an Interview with Mitchell Rabin at the Metacenter March 11, 7pm. Marianne Williamson for Congress & Sally Coxe on Radio & David Katzmire, Kalarhythms on TV: A Better World Newsletter 2-16-2014

This Week’s Blog, TV & Radio Show February 16, 2014
Both Shows repeating….missed them last week?  Here’s a chance again!
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David KatzmireTuesday, February 11, 10:30pm EST: Tonight our guest will be David Katzmire.

With David, we will be continuing the theme of understanding cycles of all different sorts, and this evening, cycles as understood through Kalarhythms.

David is the brain-child behind Kalarhythms, a study of time cycles that is to nations as bio-rhythms are to the individual, analyzing them into the component parts of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual cycles of a given country. The way these cycles criss-cross, wax and wane over time gives probabilities to the kinds of events, attitudes and values are predominant among a people at a given period of time.

David developed the theory for more than three decades to understand the Cycles of Time. Universal patterns can be found in a person, a nation and in the eras of civilization on different scales of size and time. Therein lie undulating energies of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles that are replete through our lives in wonderful fractal patterns that we can discern once we unlock the simple code. This is the theory of KalaRhythms.

David was born in Chester, Pennsylvania. Topic of conversion will be his original theory on the cycles of time and the cycles of change known as KalaRhythms which he documented at:

We will discuss the fractal relationship between a person and a nation and how each has a body, a heart and a mind that moves in rhythm. The code is simple once you know the rhythms.

David has been and is an avid supporter and friend of Mitchell and A Better World for a long time, from being the website “Elf” for A Better World to a friend and colleague.

A Better World sponsored David at the MetaCenter some years ago which was the first larger venue in which David presented his work. Mitchell was also the first to comprehensively debut David’s Kalarhythms on TV and he’s been a guest on A Better World Radio numerous times adding his wisdom to many conversations.

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You can listen to his weekly radio show, The Cycles of Change, every Thursday night and view his upcoming events at:

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Marianne WilliamsonWednesday, February 12, 6pm EST: Mitchell’s first guest tonight on Radio is Marianne Williamson.

Those of you who listen to Mitchell on A Better World Radio & TV know that he is a major advocate of the “Citizen Legislator” as originally proposed by our Founding Fathers, instead of the ‘factionalist”, two-party system we have become, so severely limiting a fuller, deeper, democratic process.

Independent candidates for U.S. President all the way to Attorney General of New York State and Mayor of NYC have been guests on A Better World as a means of advocating a richer, more dignified Democratic Process. The greatly loved and acclaimed, author and teacher, Marianne Williamson, is now stepping up to advocate independent politics and more, to participate. She is running for U.S. Congress in CA. as we speak.

Marianne is an internationally-renowned author, lecturer and thought leader. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers.

In 1997, she published Healing the Soul of America, calling for a holistic perspective on America’s political system. The book is an insightful examination of our history and politics, offering personal and political solutions for the renewal of our democracy.

Marianne began her career as a lecturer in Los Angeles in 1983, and since that time she has lectured to hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and abroad. She has written books that include the mega bestseller A Return to Love, The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America, The Gift of Change and The Law of Divine Compensation.

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For the past thirty years, Marianne has been a formidable activist for social justice. In 1990, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. She also co-founded The Peace Alliance, promoting legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace. And she serves on the Board of Directors of the RESULTS organization, working to end the worst ravages of hunger and poverty throughout the world.

In November 2012, Marianne produced a conference in Los Angeles called SISTER GIANT: Women, Non-Violence and Birthing a New American Politics, attended by almost 2,000 women representing all fifty states.

Williamson has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose and Piers Morgan. She was referred to in a 2006 Newsweek Magazine poll as on one of the 50 most influential baby boomers.

Marianne is a native of Houston. She first moved to Los Angeles in 1983, where she lectured until 1995. She returned to Los Angeles in 2009 and is now running for U.S. Congress as an independent in CA.

Marianne was on A Better World Radio just over a year ago discussing her then latest book with Mitchell. (

Tune in to learn about Marianne’s run for Congress and for a dynamic dialogue between Mitchell and Marianne on subjects dear to them both.

Sally CoxeFor the second half of the show, Mitchell will be talking to Sally Jewell Coxe, president and co-founder of the international non-profit organization Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI).

Known as “Mama Bonobo,” Sally has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to protect bonobos, preserve the Congo rainforest, and empower Congolese communities as leaders in conservation.

Distinguished by their peaceful, matriarchal society, loving nature and profound intelligence, bonobos are humankind’s most closely related great ape relatives, along with chimpanzees. BCI’s guiding vision is the Bonobo Peace Forest, an integrated network of community-managed nature reserves, supported by sustainable development. In partnership with local communities and the Democratic Republic of Congo government, BCI has established two official protected areas to date—spanning more than 13,000 square miles of vital rainforest habitat—plus additional sites where local communities are protecting bonobos.

Sally’s innovative work has been recognized in many publications, including the New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, Time Magazine—and most recently a new book by award-winning author Deni Béchard entitled Empty Hands, Open Arms: The Race to Protect Bonobos and Make Conservation Go Viral.

Purchase this book: Empty Hands, Open Arms: The Race to Save Bonobos in the Congo and Make Conservation Go Viral

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An Evening of Storytelling, Interview and Conversation

Readings from The Holy Universe on March 11th at the META center in Manhattan

The Holy Universe:

An Evening of Storytelling,

Interview and Conversation

with David Christopher and Mitchell Rabin

Sponsored by A Better World and FIONS

Join Mitchell Rabin interviewing author David Christopher on the titillating subjects of his new bookThe Holy Universe, from evolutionary biology to the role of compassion in human development and on to exploring the birth of the Universe.

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With both Mitchell and David inspired by the work of the Pachamama Alliance to protect the Amazon Rainforest and indigenous culture, social action figures into the dialogue. Explore how a new world view—a new “Mind”—is emerging, and how it can help us through the many crises we’re experiencing as a planet and a species.
After the interview, Mitchell will engage those present in a dynamic Q & A with David.

See science and spirituality come alive together, and learn why today’s challenges just might be the best thing that ever happened to humanity.

  • Tuesday, March 11, 7-9:30 p.m.
    $20 in advance, $25 at the door
    META Center NY, 214 West 29th St., 16th floor
    Seating is limited. 

Co-sponsors: Vistar Foundation ∙ META Center New York ∙
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About Mitchell

Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L..AC., holistic psychotherapist, host of A Better World & Radio, founder & President of The Ecology Institute, consultant, writer & blogger for the Huffington Post, has been promoting evolutionary thinking, ecological & humanitarian values through his coaching, teaching and media for over 20 years to his clients and audiences.

Mitchell additionally has a background in eco-entrepreneurial activity. His latest book, to be published by year’s end, is called Sacred Stewardship: Awakening the Soul to Action.

David Christopher


About David

David Christopher has a passion for bringing forth a new story for our turbulent times. He left behind corporate and airline careers to pursue his passion for exploring the answers to humanity’s questions about our place in the Universe and to help bring forth a new story for our turbulent times. For the past fifteen years he has immersed himself in the works of scientists and thinkers such as Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Elisabet Sahtouris, James Lovelock, “Big Historians” such asDavid Christian, and many others.

The Terror of the Situation

GurdjieffAs Mr. G.I. Gurdjieff referred to it in his epic, Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, while potentially magnificent, the condition of man, in truth, is in general, a very lowly one, yet in our minds, it is much more advanced than it really is.  Men fight, kill, maim, torture, agonize and terrorize, sometimes for the lowest of motives, and it is an ugly, frightful picture. So many men are sadistic, masochistic, homicidal and suicidal.  It appears that after all of these years, we’ve advanced plenty externally but so very little internally.

Yet, there is an astounding, magnificent ray of light which pierces our higher consciousness with hope and potential to evolve out of our lower selves.  I can’t say “animal” selves because most animals do not engage in practices that men do.  Perhaps some chimpanzees, I have recently learned, will kill their own for terrain and dominance, but not randomly as men will, for some sort of amusement or sport.

Have you noticed the preoccupation of Hollywood with violence, blood, weapons, war, battle, car chases, horror, terror, espionage, good guys-bad guys?  Just what is so interesting in watching people get hurt, bleed and suffer?  I always wonder.  Yes, I naively wonder, and I am ‘out’ of what’s ‘cool’.  Yeah man, you sure are right.  Far ‘out’!

nuclear bombWe see a world which is unfortunately enmired in foolish greed, spilling into serious pathology, jeopardizing the lives of all humans, all species and literally destroying eco-systems which Nature has refined over the course of hundreds of millions of years.  All for some gold, silver, timber, ore, diamonds, lucre, control, dominance.  Like children in a schoolyard and the bullies subjugate fun-loving children to their wayward, narcissistic antics, and hurt others as they unwind their own hostility as they fear that they are so unworthy of love.  The psychology is often rather simple despite much psycho-linguistics to describe it.

Our world has been subjugated by the whims of a relatively very few whose psychology endangers all other members of its species. Unfortunately, many of them are in positions of worldly power and abuse their offices thereby hurting, harming or even starving millions of people with a flick of a pen onto the title of land on which indigenous people have lived for centuries but will now be moved off to make room for a dam and infra-structure project being underwritten by the IMF, coordinated by a major, international bank.

When one operates out of one’s reptilian brain, one is going to be acting like a heartless reptile.  Function following form…surprised?  Of course not.  But, making a series of other choices, when one operates out of one’s higher brain functions, which in turns activate neurotransmitters in and around the heart, oh boy, we are on our way to Shambhala.  Not immediately, but when the morphogenetic field gets so empowered, we have a world, a society we’ve been waiting for!

sunny dayBut let’s get back to the good news. There is hope. Miracles do happen. Breakthroughs occur daily. The most asleep, the most hostile, the most controlling, have a moment of recognition, of awakening, just as described in the song Amazing Grace.  Epiphanies occur in daily life across the planet, even among the most drunk with power.  Higher brain and heart functions are available every moment and can be accessed any moment.  Isn’t that cool?  Wonderful? Uplifting?  You bet it is.

And there are many more of us who think this way, who know ‘these truths to be self-evident’ than there are those who blindly wield worldly power for a transitional period of time only.  Paul Hawken’s book Blessed Unrest makes it abundantly clear that literally billions of people, engaged in over 2 million projects, NGO’s, non-profits, for profits, Social Enterprise, Eco-Enterprise, humanitarian, leadership organizations, companies, corporations, foundations the world over are doing awesome things to transform our society and protect our environment. The social artistry programs of Jean Houston in some 106 countries, the micro-credit banks in countries around the world by Dr. Mohammed Yunus and others, the Heifer Project, Oxfam, and millions of grass-roots initiatives, so many that would make your head spin.  These move us as a species toward social, economic, environmental, agricultural and political justice, awareness, action.  Taking our present and future into our own hands.

Even if we lose most everything, we can know that so many of us have made such valiant efforts with such powerful intentions and actions for so long to re-shape our world, re-envision it for a positive, compassionate, loving and sustainable, beloved present and future.

The human being was endowed with these inalienable potentials and it is up to us to realize them now.  Let’s not make believe about the mess we’ve made.  But let us dig in to the manure, turn it, churn it, and seed and germinate some beautiful lotus blossoms! 

Terrance MckennaTerence McKenna, “penseur extraordinaire” told us about cow patties on the bottom of which fungus grows.  He suggested that that fungus was nibbled at by certain birds, who, upon nibbling, noted that their long-distance eyesight increased dramatically, leading to greater ability to survive–seeing danger from a greater distance.  This is a nibbling we all probably ought to engage in, of different sorts.  These fungi were probably hallucinogenic Terence suggested.  Nature provides.  Whatever we must do to wake up and see more clearly, first the terror of the situation, and then our way through it, is a remedy worthy of discussion. Just as the Native American sent their youth on vision quests, we may have to send our captains of government and industry for same for they have clearly lost their way.  Searching out the next dollar or next yacht suggests clearly ‘missing the boat’….but we who are paying close attention to the needs of the people, to the call of evolution, of the formation of “A new paradigm”, a new mind-set, not having billions in the bank but this is an example of “the evolved human”.

Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program

hebAnd with something we use as a stand-alone, without any counseling, is the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, which shapes the energy field per one’s own affirmative statements and declarations in language one wants to shape oneself with. It’s like being an artist with words and thoughts, mixed with frequency, shaping a hologram we call you. For more detailed information and a request form go to:


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