Mitchell Interviews President of Modere Collagen Sciences, Asma Ishaq

ishaq asmaMonday, March 6, 7pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest this evening is President of Modere Collagen Sciences, Entrepreneur and nutritional supplement formulator Asma Ishaq.

Entrepreneur and humanitarian Asma Ishaq combined her interests in health, beauty, and social responsibility to co-found Jusuru International, Inc., in 2009.

Serving as President of the nutraceuticals firm, based in Anaheim, California, she oversaw the company’s mission of creating skin-care products and nutritional supplements so effective that they sell themselves. Through scientific research, safety testing, and the patenting process, Asma contributed to the development of Jusuru Life Blend, a liquid nutritional supplement containing BioCell Collagen, one of the new natural “super ingredients.” A dedicated and growing network of independent representatives sells the Jusuru International products.

At the University of California, Berkeley, Asma received a B.A. She earned an M.B.A. with a concentration on marketing and finance at Rice University. Her resume includes the positions of Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology LLC and Vice President of Business Development at founding Certified B Corporation Give Something Back, Inc. She also held a post at New York-based BlackRock, Inc., a top asset-management firm.

When co-founding Jusuru, Asma became instrumental in including the B Corporation concept of social responsibility in the corporate charter. The Jusuru President utilizes her skills in leadership, business management, and team development to expand the company’s network of independent representatives and drive profits, never losing sight of a commitment to charitable pursuits. Asma Ishaq oversaw Jusuru’s donation of medical supplies and thousands of bottles of water for victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010; the company navigated three months of transportation bottlenecks to deliver the donation to the ravaged country.biocell

During that time, Asma also traveled to Haiti and talked with the people there. The experience reinforced her desire to create wealth for the purpose of benefiting mankind. More recently, she directed a sizable donation to The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Anaheim.

Most recently, Asma oversaw and orchestrated a merger of Jusuru with Modere which merger is helping to bring the Biocell products to an international stage. For more information, go to:  Get a $10 discount on your first order with Discount Code J268018.

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