Mitchell Rabin holds Round Table on the Dangers of 5G Technology

One of the many horrors besieging us these days among so many is the increasing presence and reality in our lives of 5G.  Oh isn’t it another wonderful technological advancement that will speed things up even faster?  Well yes, faster downloads, and faster to illness and to our graves.  Yes, it’s that serious.  But you’d never know it based on mainstream media which is part of the problem by promulgating this technology and which also benefits from it.  Since when is it worth it to download a movie a little faster if it’s going to jeopardize the health of your brain?

Today’s guests on A Better World Radio, are experts from the Alliance for Natural Health, Dr. Robert Verkerk and Meleni Aldridge, who will help unpack the untold story about 5G which we all need to know asap, for both our own health and safety, but also to help shape a campaign of action.

Dr. Robert Verkerk is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 25 years experience in the field of agricultural and healthcare sustainability, having worked in academia, industry and the not-for-profit sector. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas as well as Europe.

After leaving Imperial College London in 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health, which he has headed since. His background, as a scientist, campaigner and visionary, hold him in good stead for his dual role as Executive & Scientific Director of ANH-Intl as well as its regional European office.

Meleni Aldridge has been immersed in the field of complementary medicine for over 27 years; as a practitioner, a university lecturer and as executive coordinator of the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl). In this latter role, Meleni has spent the last seven and a half years in regular consultation with the principal regulatory bodies shaping the food and healthcare laws of the world today.

Meleni joined Robert Verkerk PhD at ANH-Intl in 2005 and, since then, has been instrumental in furthering communications with the global CAM community and industry stakeholders and has been actively involved in consultations with government regulators and international policy makers.

In December 2005 Meleni was instrumental in setting up the ANH Consultancy Ltd, the consultancy arm associated with the ANH-Intl campaign, which deploys specialist consultants to help support leading edge and innovative companies in the natural health field worldwide. She takes a leading role as project director and acts as a consultant from time to time.

Meleni writes and contributes to articles, columns and press releases in the field of sustainable healthcare and regulatory threats and maintains close collaboration with ANH-USA, their regional office based in Washington. See:

Mitchell Rabin is the Founder, President and CEO of A Better World Foundation & Media, with a background in psychology  stress management,IMG_9599 acupuncture and social entrepreneurship. He is a counselor, and executive coach all as a means of educating and inspiring clients and students alike to lead others by modeling humane, eco-sensitive and integrity-based values.  He has been a consultant to business leaders and CEOs of green and health-oriented start-ups over the past  25 years. He is an impassioned environmentalist and social entrepreneur using media & business as agents for change.



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