Mitchell Rabin Interviews CEO, Whitechapel Holdings, Healing CBD Oils

haigh chris 300x300Medical Marijuana, for the first time since 1937, is becoming legal in the USA. An increasing number of states across the country, are legalizing various forms of use and it mj is mediicinehas already become nationally legal across Canada.

Starting with Colorado, then Washington, the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are being experienced by many people who haven’t been able to get help from conventional medicine with pharmaceutical drugs, and are finding reduction if not elimination of chronic pain, epilepsy, cataracts, insomnia, stress reduction, boosting energy and the like in these natural substances, which have been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years. 

Due purely to a few powerful corporations that wanted to control markets and wielded control over Congress, Cannabis in all forms was rendered illegal in the U.S. for rather meager reasons to control markets and immigration policy.  Until 1937, marijuana was legal and hemp was used as paper instead of trees, as textiles, rope and numerous other products.  It was used by the U.S. military as well, which actually made a promotional video in the 1930’s advocating the many uses of hemp and extolling it 

And now, with California, being the 6th largest economy in the world surpassing France, coming on-line with recreational made legal as of Jan. 1, the market has begun to explode. The implications for medical treatment, health and wellness and business expansion are extraordinary.  Behind the scenes, much is in motion.  It appears that one of the emerging leaders in the market is Whitechapel Holdings, Inc.

Medical-MarijuanaTo better understand this market, Mitchell’s guest this evening is the CEO of Whitechapel Holdings, Inc. Chris Haigh. A graduate of Oxford Image result for marijuanaUniversity, Chris has been CEO of public and private companies for over 30 years. 

Now as CEO of Whitechapel Holdings, Inc., a company that is poised for significant success in the therapeutic and recreational cannabis market initially in CA., Chris is helping to develop products which can naturally reduce pain in chronic sufferers, reduce insomnia, mood swings and energy/vitality problems.  There is an additional “superfood” that is being added to the product line and to be infused into the CBD Oil, creating an entirely new level of healing and effectiveness, which will be discussed in today’s show.

While these products are for everyone, the Baby Boomers and senior demographics will stand to benefit especially greatly by helping with joint pain, sleeping problems, anxiety, vitality, and on.

The health and wellness vision of Chris and Whitechapel Holdings are so in line with that of  A Better World that ABW now markets the Whitechapel product line.  Go to: to order or to find out information if you’d be interested in investment as this is a company that is lining up for take-off.

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