Mitchell Rabin Interviews David Korten on Agenda for a New Economy

Monday, Jan.  25, 7pm est: Mitchell’s guest this evening is author, former professor of the Harvard Business School, political activist, prominent critic of corporate globalization,& “by training and inclination a student of psychology & behavioral systems”, David Korten.  We are repeating this highly relevant interview to today’s economic & political crises.

 David is author of When Corporations Rule The World, a book on anti-globalization. Korten examines the evolution of corporations in the United States and argues that “corporate libertarians” have ‘twisted’ the ideas of Adam Smith’s view of the role of private companies. He has also written The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom

korten when corporations book cover

Wealth to Real Wealth, The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism and most recently, Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth.  

Having experienced the propaganda of U.S. capitalism spread across the world while working both for Harvard Business School and the State Dept., David came to a realization that differed rather radically from the world-view he had held while working in both these institutions which led to his writing his books and teaching the materials and view he has been presenting since.

Korten critiques current methods of economic development led by the Bretton Woods institutions and asserts his desire to rebalance the power of multinational corporations with concern for environmental sustainability and what he terms “people-centered development”.

Mitchell interviewed David at a Voluntary Simplicity Conference here in midtown Manhattan in 1996 for A Better World TV..This interview is a re-airing of a classic A Better World interview and click here for a Mitchell’s interview with David on A Better World Radio when on Progressive Radio Network.

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