Mitchell Rabin Interviews Dr. Patrick San Fransesco on Food For All Project

Thursday, May 2san fransesco patrick, 2pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest today is Dr. Patrick San Francesco from Goa, India. Patrick travels the world to heal, teach and speak on many topics about changing our consciousness.He is the founder of The LIght Movement through which he teaches a light and color healing system, and is the co-founder with his wife of the Samarpan Foundation, committed to building eco-friendly structures where they have been destroyed by earthquakes such as Nepal and providing global support and assiMitchell in PRN Studiostance of any kind where there is humanitarians ecological, environmental and animal welfare need.

Patrick is putting together a project by which to provide food where it is needed in the world so that no one on the planet needs to be food insecure.  Today’s show will be to discuss this project and bring it to public light.

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