Mitchell Rabin Interviews Father Ed Chinery of Ascension Church NYC

chinery father edWed., Dec. 19, 6pm, EST:  In today’s show, Mitchell interviews social activist and Episcopal priest Father Ed Chinery.  

The Rev. Ed Chinery is currently serving at the Episcopal parish, Church of the Ascension-Fifth Avenue at Tenth Street. He delights in serving those in need. And, equally, in exploring synergistic ways of bringing individuals and organizations together for such purposes. Priest, writer, social-service coordinator – he helps run two very energeticascension church nyc outreach programs at Ascension – and community organizer, Ed has recently begun working more closely with the NYPD 6th Precinct asascension church for refugees & immigrants Community Partner.  Father Ed heads up Resistance Cinema, a regular evening at the Ascension Church on 5th Ave. during which films on social, economic, political and environmental justice are shown and afterward Father Ed facilitates lively discussion.  He emphasizes both the injustice and the humanity needed to turn these conditions around which is why we invited Father Ed to be a guest on the show—A Better World likes to portray this kind of kind, compassionate attitude as a means of effecting change.


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