Mitchell Rabin Interviews Former Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson

Monday, April 9, 7pm EST: anderson rockyThis evening, Mitchell will speak with former Mayor of Salt Lake City and former Presidential candidate in 2012 for the Justice Party,Rocky Anderson. Today’s show will examine the current Presidential race and the consistent abrogation of Democratic process, common sense and ethics, some of the issues of which motivated Rocky to run for President himself in 2012. Emphasis will be on exploring with Rocky what the implications are of this election for the environment and dealing with the vastly challenging issue of Climate Change.

During his two terms as Mayor, Rocky was the Chief Executive Officer of Salt Lake City Corp., overseeing a general fund annual budget of over $200 million and almost 3,000 employees. He also was the Chief Administrative Officer over the massive Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency and was Chief Administrative Officer of the Salt Lake City International Airport. He negotiated with three public employee unions. Salt Lake City being the only city in Utah that engaged in collective bargaining, which was whole-heartedly supported by Mayor Anderson.climatechangerocky

After serving two terms as Mayor, Rocky declined to run for a third term and, instead, devoted himself to educating, motivating, and mobilizing people to take action to stop human rights abuses. Anderson recognizes the importance of people at the grassroots level advocating and pushing for change. He has stated, “We keep expecting elected officials will do the right thing, and the fact is they never do unless they’re pushed.” But while he was serving, he was considered by many to be the “greenest mayor” in the U.S.

Rocky founded High Road for Human Rights, a non-profit organization devoted to achieving major reform of US human rights policies and practices through unique, coordinated, and sustained grassroots activism, complementing the work of other human rights organizations.

High Road for Human Rights primarily addressed five issues: torture and the undermining of the rule of law, genocide, slavery, the death penalty, and the human rights implications of the climate crisis. For his work on human rights matters during his tenure as Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights, Rocky received the Morehouse University Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s Patriot Award.

This is a re-airing of this interview for purposes of educating our viewers about the very real presence of quality 3rd Party candidates running in this election even though mainstream media has largely marginalized them. Rocky Anderson is not running at the present time. Dr. Jill Stein is.

Thankfully, Jill Stein is beginning to break through that glass ceiling. Not surprisingly, when people hear her speak, her popularity is growing considerably. If she is able to reach 15% or more, she will have qualified to be in the televised national debates. If you see this as essential for Democracy to prevail in this election (and in the U.S.), please contact the Commission on Presidential Debates. The addresses I was able to come up with are: and If they are bombarded with demands that 3rd Party candidates be in the debates and we can make this public, it will be considerable pressure on them to actually be Democratic.

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