Mitchell Rabin Interviews Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor, 2019 Forecast

taylor-monty2Wed., Dec. 13, 6pm, EST: Today’s show is an assessment of 2018 at year’s end and a projection into what may be in store for us in 2019, most interestingly, what we will bring into existence in this upcoming year. 

We see what forces shape our society and institutions, many of us are heartsick and the hypocrisy, immorality and lack of dignity, human values and integrity in what stands, and are impelled to act to not only ‘clean up the mess’ but, even more excitingly, shape the society, the culture and theGirl-Holding-the-Sun-Sunrise__45387-480x320 planetary ethos, zeitgeist, morphogenetic field as the higher expression of our creativity and souls would have us do.  This is the domain in Rabinian lingo, of Sacred Stewardship.  This is honoring our Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, our effervescing eco-system fully while establishing an eco-friendly, sustainable and thriving, light-touch habitat for ourselves and sentient beings. 

To help us with this and to understand more about the elements that will be influencing our job of sculpting, Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor has been invited to weigh in and what he saw for 2018 and what he sees coming in 2019.

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