Mitchell Rabin Interviews Megatrends 2010 author Patricia Aburdene on Conscious Capitalism


aburdene patriciaMonday, March 25, 7pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is co-author of the internationally-popular series Megatrends, Patricia Aburdene.

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Patricia is a leading social forecaster, bestselling author, sought after speaker, and authority on conscious money. She collaborated with John Naisbitt on the publishing aburdene p bookphenomenon Megatreds, which sold millions of copies and topped the charts in the US, Germany, and Japan. She coauthored the #1 New York TImes bestseller Megatrends 2000, The New York Times bestseller Re-Inventing the Corporation, and was lead author on Megatrends for Women.

Patricia brings a deeply important level of consciousness and spirituality into the ‘belly of the beast’, that is, into the depths of the business world that has been so rife with unconsciousness, aggression at any cost and greed, the combination of which has brought our society to the edge.  Her humane consulting work and sense of balance and ethics is contributing to bringing us back, which is why she is one of our heroes here at A Better World.

Patricia has been a guest on A Better World Radio as well.  Listen here:

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