Mitchell Rabin Interviews Michael Winn on Taoist Alchemy

winn_michael_webMonday, Dec. 17, 7pm EST:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is Taoist practitioner, teacher and alchemist, Michael D. Winn.  

As former President of the National Qigong (Chi-Kung) Association Michael Winn served two terms. This is a leading umbrella organization for all the different qigong and tai chi schools, teachers, healers, & practitioners in the U.S.

He is the Founder and Director of Healing Tao University summer retreat program (now at Heavenly Mountain in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mtns, near Asheville). The taoist quote.jpglargest Tao arts program in the west. Writer/editor of Mantak Chia’s first seven books. Michael was integral in establishing Chia as a Taoist teacher when he first came to the U.S.

Michael is well- known as co-author of the revolutionary Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy with Mantak Chia, and others. He is also the author of many other qigong articles & book chapters.  He was Chairman of Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas for 9 years. It set standards for certification & ethics in the field.

Michael was one of the first guests on A Better World TV in 1993 and several times since on TV and Radio.  This is the latest interview, specifically on Taoist Alchemy.  Mitchell and Michael are old colleagues and friends, involved in spiritual disciplines and green business projects together for years. Mitchell has accompanied Michael on a couple of the China Dream Trips, once as his assistant tour director, hiking up to meditate and do Qi-Gong and other practices on the sacred mountains of China.  For more, go to:


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