Mitchell Rabin Interviews Quantum Physicist Amit Goswami


goswami amit

Monday, February 6, 7pm EDT:   Mitchell’s guest this evening is world-renowned Professor Emeritus, author and quantum physicist Amrit Goswami, Ph.D. Dr. Goswami, came to international attention in the genre-opening film What the Bleep Do We Know? as well as a film of leading American thinkers meeting in Dharamasala with H.H. Dalai Lama called Dalai Lama Rennaissance.

Dr. Goswami was first well-known for the textbook he authored on Quantum Mechanics, used in universities across the country.goswani amit bookAmit has been a guest on A Better World TV a couple of times and has been a favorite among our quantum physicist guests.  His work continues to impact the scientific and lay communities.  In some ways, Goswami’s thinking and writing has provided “Quantum Physics for the Masses”.


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