Mitchell Rabin is the guest on David Katzmire’s The Cycles of Change radio program – Thurs. Sept 13, 2012 8pm East., 5pm Pacific

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mitch radio“The Cycles of Change” Radio Show
with your host by K. David Katzmire
Thursdays: 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific
Call in to speak with the host (347) 884-9593
Discussions on where we were, where we are and
where we are going in changing world of universal rhythms
~ This Week’s Guest: Mitchell Rabin – September 13, 2012 at 8pm Eastern ~

Mitchell Rabin, founder of A Better World, has been doing on the air and simulcast television for nearly twenty years, and Internet radio for seven years. His interviews take him around the world with trips to China, India and more. He an international speaker and teacher, holistic psychotherapist, licensed acupuncturist, coach, mediator, entrepreneur, business consultant, environmentalist and writer. As host and producer of his New York City based cable TV show (A Better World TV) and radio show (A Better World Radio) he has his finger on the pulse of leading changes from the people who make them as well as those who can explain them in a timely and timeless manner.

Our discussion this Thursday will be on changes he as seen these past two decades, as represented by the guests on his show which ranged which ranged from Wayne Dyer to one of the astronauts who flew to the moon, and, where he sees us going in the next two decades. Questions from this host will be a follow up on the the cyclic aspects of these changes as noted the discussions of KalaRhythms that were presented on my appearances on A Better World Radio & TV. You can keep up with what A Better World is doing now by by visiting his site at:

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