Mitchell Welcomes in 2019 as a time for Sacred Stewardship

mjr in jacketWed., Jan. 2, 6pm, EST:  To welcome in the new year, this evening, initially in linear form and expanding to systemic and gestaltic, Mitchell reviews the past years and psycho-historical patterns, then what would be of value to consciously shape for the future based on the principles described in Mitchell’s not yet released book Sacred Stewardship: Awakening the Soul to Action.  

Part of what will be discussed is the scourge of war, of violence our species has perpetrated on our eco-system and a world replete with injustice, what it feels like for a sensitive, empathetic being to accommodate the paradox and what we can do about it to bring these expressions of the lowest aspects of our nature into a higher octave of intelligence with which we have also been endowed.  Play, humor, forgiveness, love, joy and laughter, interestingly, provide the ladder.   

We will discuss both inner and outer ecology and how these can both be worked with kindly and respectfully to effect meaningful change.

As you might imagine, focus will be on personal and planetary health, well-being and sustainability which are currently on an unprecedented collision course of a magnitude we can’t  even imagine.  Tune in and those listening live have the opportunity to call in to Mitchell at: 602 753-1860.

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