Monday, Oct. 10: World Day Against the Death Penalty

  On Monday, October 10 — World Day against the Death Penalty — continue the fight for all the Troy Davises of the world.

Dear Mitchell,

The state of Georgia shocked the world when it ended Troy Davis’ life on September 21, 2011. In the face of significant doubts, Georgia proceeded with the execution of someone who may well have been innocent.

But in the midst of this horrible tragedy, we have seen an unprecedented surge of energy to end the death penalty. Troy Davis put a face on the death penalty in the U.S. — making it painfully clear why this flawed and horrific system must be abolished at once.

It was Troy’s final wish for us to keep fighting for all of the other Troy Davises on death row. And on Monday, October 10 — World Day against the Death Penalty — we’ll use our renewed energy and passion to take aim at doing just that.

We believe the next Troy Davis could be Reggie Clemons in Missouri.

Elements of Reggie’s case may sound familiar:

  • No physical evidence linking Clemons to the crime
  • Two highly questionable witnesses – both of whom were suspects in the crime
  • Alleged police coercion
  • Racial bias – evidenced by the jury selection where blacks were disproportionately dismissed

But the biggest similarity between the cases of Troy Davis and Reggie Clemons — overwhelming doubt! .

Call on Missouri to stop the execution of Reggie Clemons now!

Supporters worldwide will mark World Day against the Death Penalty by holding events, teach-ins, rallies, demonstrations and taking other powerful actions to call attention to the case of Reggie Clemons and advance the ever-growing movement against the death penalty. You can also bring the fight to end the death penalty home to your community by hosting a teach-in on the death penalty through the lens of the Davis and Clemons cases. Download our teach-in kit for valuable information and organizing tips.

The state of Georgia may have taken the life of Troy Davis, but it did not stop our struggle to create a country and world where human dignity and human life are respected.

Thank you for being part of this movement for human rights!

In Solidarity,

Laura Moye
Death Penalty Abolition Campaign Director
Amnesty International USA



Fight for the next Troy Davis

It was Troy Davis’ final wish for us to keep fighting for all of the other Troy Davises on death row, like Reggie Clemons in Missouri.



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