Organizations which Protect the Public Interest & How You can Get Involved

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Non-profits that are providing a particularly important role in protecting the public interest. – Read the Handbook, sign up for notifications to lobby your members of Congress. This is a non-partisan organization that is focused on protection our democratic values, and many of the programs that some of us have come to take for granted. – for Campaign Finance Reform …and more. 170 Former Members of Congress working together to change the impact of Citizens United. – one stop shop to learn about your specific elected officials – their contribution sources/biography/ratings with special interest groups/etc. – Taxpayers for Common Sense – analysis of waste, fraud & abuse by Congress and current tax analysis. – Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington – Public Interset Lawyers who sue for conflict of interest, etc.  – Follow the money…out of fossil fuels into companies that are part of the greening of our nation. How you can simply analyze your own portfolio. ($2.3 T shifted in 3 years) – The best “How-To’s” in communicating with your elected officials and the media on climate – One of the most effective NGOs working to eliminate global poverty and the 30 million people who are currently starving in Africa. 

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