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Michael Mongno

Heal Your Relationship… Heal Your Self…&…Your Life
Using an Experiential Approach to Emotional Healing, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Transformation, Present Centered Therapies offers:

Relationship Therapy: From birth, our primary relationships define our lives; our issues stem from deficiencies in the ability to create satisfying connections with significant others. Increasing your skills for intimacy can contribute greatly to your overall sense of well-being and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Learn to express your needs, manage difficult emotions, and to express your needs, manage difficult emotions, and bring forth your best self as you create more realness and passion with your partner and/or significant others.

Individual Psychotherapy: Break through limiting thought patterns as you consciously reconnect with your body/emotions so as to experience the energy and creative power of your Authentic Self.

Michael Mongno, psychotherapist and spiritual counselor, is the found of Present Centered Therapies. He has synthesized Gestalt and body-centered Process therapy, Eastern Spirituality, and Self-Differentiation theory (Schnarch, Passionate Marriage) into an effective mufti-dimensional approach to personal growth and relationship healing.

  • Low fee Consultation Available
  • Most insurance accepted


Michael Mongno, MSC, MFT, Phd.D
Upper West Side
New York State Licensed


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