Qi-Gong Center

Qi-Gong CenterFeatured in the New York Times, Oct. 29, 1999 (Metro Section), Article/photo.

The Qi-Gong Center offers:

  • Soaring Crane, Ru Yi Zen & other forms of Qigong
  • Qi-gong Healing
  • Qi-gong Teacher Training

Qi-gong is a gentle, easy-to-learn form of exercise that improves health, mental clarity and total well-being. When qi-gong is practiced, energy moves freely through the body to bring mind and body into balance, clear blocked meridians, and bring about natural healing.

Masters Wu and Shen have participated in a study of qi-gong healing at the New Jersey Hospital in Newark, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, and in an on-going project on the nature of qi-gong at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.  (Results published.)

QI-GONG CENTER (New Location)
347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 409
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 684-1689 or (718) 463-8053
Web: www.YinYang-Institute.com/QiGong
E-mail: QiGongCenter@hotmail.com


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