Ron Panvini, PH.D.


For artistic accomplishment & emotional growth


Certified Bioenergetic Therapist

Just as the story of the wind is written in the sand, our life stories, our fears, disappointments, and longings are written in the structure of our bodies. To move beyond the limits of our history, we must change in mind and body. When we do so, we alter the course of our lives-our fate-and create the chance for embodying new possibilities.

If you are seeking freedom from the limits of inhibition or social phobia, relief from anxiety or depression, if you want to improve your ability to communicate and relate to others, or increase your expressiveness for public speaking, singing, acting, or writing, consider this personal, indepth, active approach. Therapy or coaching, private sessions, groups, and workshops are offered.

Dr. Panvini’s work in expressive body psychotherapy spans twenty-five years. His boad and varied background includes an extensive performing arts career, acclaim as a body-oriented voice teacher, a Ph.D., in Clinical Psychology, Certification in Bioenergetics, and treatment of substance abusers, and victims of torture as a Psychologist at Bellevue Hospital. He is internationally known for his innovative skills in helping people live more passionate personal and professional lives.

Ron Panvini, Ph.D., C.B.T.

(212) 595-4952

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