Scalar Waves on A Better World Air Waves, with Tom Paladino

Tom has developed a treatment process, using a scalar instrument, whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. He calls this a pathogenic cleanse. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens; for instance, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.
Based on the work of Nikola Tesla and the well-known Tesla coil, in combination with his apprenticing with a little-known inventor-mystic, Tom has taken his learnings to a next quantum level and is now helping thousands of people with otherwise crippling conditions, physically, emotionally and spiritually through this “medicine of the future”.  Futuristic as this may appear, forms of this kind of healing has been with us for nearly a century. There are hard data and medical proof of its effects in addition to the hundreds of self-reported testimonials of positive results.  Results!  Over and over again.  As this is based on Tesla-coil/scalar wave technology, this is perhaps one of the most effective radionics programs available. 
If you have a pathogenic infection such as herpes, viruses, hepatitis C, lyme disease or a yeast, fungal or mold problem, go to or to Home Page and click on the Scalar Healing banner/box for more information or to experience this form of healing yourself.
It’s Holographic Healing  & Energy Balancing All Over Again!
It’s another exciting day in Paradise.  Well, it’s Paradise with all the earthly afflictions of such things like viruses, fungi, yeast, protozoa and molds, those pathogens, it appears, which are largely responsible for the mainstay of chronic, acute and degenerative illnesses.  If you know me and my holistic world-view of health and illness, you’ll also know that under-estimating the role of the psycho-emotional component would be a serious mis-calculation, as our thoughts and emotions, our belief systems and actions each has a bio-chemical, bio-electrical profile and shape our health, organs, posture, attitude and position moment to moment.  When the ancient Chinese sages would say “The only constant is change itself”, you can begin to imagine that they had some understanding of this ever-changing body-mind-spirit we call “life”.
Coming around, again for those who have tracked some of my work over the years, would know that going back to the 1980’s, I was dabbling in dowsing and radionics along with counseling and acupuncture, which I had just completed formal training in, and in 1999, I got headlong involved with Stephen Lewis and the AIM Program, a radionics program which took photographs, placed them in a tray, and subjected them to many thousands of healing frequencies 24/7.  And we saw some pretty impressive results.  In fact, Wayne Dyer, to whom I had introduced the program when he was over for an interview on his wonderful book Wisdom of the Ages, read the book I gave him on it, he and his wife called me to ask if they could help me educate people about it and to promote it.  That led to a very interesting and fertile time for all of us, collaborating with Stephen on this significant healing project.  Wayne’s daughter saw significant healing, so did he, and thousands of books were sold, thousands of people became part of the AIM Program and experienced healing and balancing.tom-paladino-2
In 2002, I was invited to work with another group who had developed a radionics program which had features that the AIM Program did not have, the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, which A Better World makes available to people to this day. It’s helped people, their pets and even helped to clear their homes and offices through the energetic representation of a photo, of their ‘energetic signature’.  The LIFE System, a scanning and balancing biofeedback software program that I’ve been using with clients since 2005 from its Beta testing days, was developed by this same group.  The ‘energetic assessment” and balancing features have been awesome over the years and I use this as part of my therapeutic, healing work with clients on a daily basis.
But now, it appears that there is yet another advance in our midst, beyond what I’ve known to date, utilizing scalar waves with the photo.  This too is not new–I have a scalar-based laser unit and colleagues who use scalar waves in their energy technologies all over the world.  But those tend to be a good deal more expensive and take up a good deal more real estate than this latest I have been introduced to by a good and studious friend.
My guest on A Better World Radio this week, Tom Paladino, has developed this uniquely-crafted system which is facilitating provable results.  We have a medical report of a woman who had had herpes for 25 years, tried every sort of medial treatment for it, but to no avail.  After two weeks on this program, knew it was gone, but also went to have a PCR test only to see the report conclude that no herpes could be detected.  
For some people, not understanding how a new technology works is sufficient reason to doubt it and stay clear of it.  Among non-techies, who understands how a cell phone works, a car or airplane for that matter?  But does it keep people from texting across vast distances, driving in a car or taking an airplane?  Who among us understands how an MRI works, a sonogram, an X-Ray machine or radiation therapy?  Few, yet even with serious ‘side’ effects (they’re not so much to the side, but seem oftentimes pretty central, e.g., hair loss, vomiting, radiation absorption and cellular die-off, etc.), people still flock to get these treatments because a man in a white jacket said that they were “safe and fine”.  Research shows that that’s not altogether true, but that doesn’t usually stop people from submitting to these diagnostic tests or treatments.  
In this case, there are no side effects and no detox reactions–only the disassembling of what could be harmful viruses, prions, bacteria, fungi, protozoan parasites, etc. into their component parts which can be found in the Periodic Table.  Just submit a photograph of yourself which holds your ‘energetic signature’ if you will.  Royal Remington Rife was doing things similar to this in the 1920’s.  Tesla was playing deeply in the field of energy medicine, working with vibratory rates of organs, people, plants, etc.  In fact, ‘far out’ as it may appear to the untrained eye, this kind of technology has been in our society, largely held back for economic and political reasons, for nearly 100 years.  It’s time for us to acquaint ourselves with a part of history we haven’t yet learned of.
Most people don’t have a clue about the number of black or women inventors, businessmen, historians or scholars this country has had either. Few know that it was an inventor in NJ, an Afro-American man, who helped to inform Edison about the light bulb, and may have been its original inventor.  History, as we know, is written by the victors.  
Two quotes by one of our country’s brainier geniuses, Robert Heinlein, are relevant here:  
Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  
(variously attributed to Heinlein and/or Arthur C. Clarke)
Indeed, a syringe with a vaccine to indigenous people, natural to us, would have appeared as voo-doo to them, as many of their shamanic rituals would appears as that to us.  Yet healing has taken place in both contexts.
From the point of view of testing, In another instance, a hospital in the Atlanta area set up a test and watched this system disassemble pathogens in a petri dish, before their very eyes, through the scalar process happening remotely in real time.  This test is being drafted as a report.
While standard, conventional medicine is busy seeking to kill viruses or to suppress them with expensive, frequently highly toxic drugs it takes nearly a minute of a TV commercial to list all of the caveats while showing you smiling,, happy-go-lucky people, in much less glamorous environments dedicated healers and inventors are uncovering more and more of Nature’s own wonders, such as my guest this week, Tom Paladino.
I am so excited by what appears to be the possibility for massive healing through this method beyond what I’ve been able to make available to date for a fraction of the cost of ordinary medical treatment,  A Better World is affiliating with Tom’s program for the benefit of our clients, viewers, listeners and readers. 
If you click on or our banner about “Scalar Wave Healing” on our home page at  and mention A Better World, you will receive a discount on the programs you select.  There is the pathogenic cleanse, nutrient therapy, chakra balancing, men’s and women’s hormone balancing and a fat metabolism program as well.
We are looking to bring this to nations across the world which are looking to provide massive healing to their people at a fraction of the cost.  If you know who Ministers of Health or others so connected, please direct them to me at:
There’s much more in the works, but each of these is available now, so stay tuned.

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