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Please note TV Station error: this interview with John de Ruiter was not aired but my interview with Deva Premal & Miten:

John_de_ruiter_600x600_logoMonday, Oct. 26, 7pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest this evening is the Canadian teacher and philosopher, John de Ruiter.  John conducts meetings and seminars at the College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton, Alberta. He also teaches worldwide and has produced numerous CDs and DVDs. 

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John has also become a very popular, wealthy and quite a controversial teacher in Edmonton over the past 15 years since this interview Mitchell conducted with John on location in Glastonbury, England when the two happened to be there at the same time and met at one of John’s gatherings.

At the time of this interview, arguably, very few people, relatively speaking, were aware of him, but he has since become internationally-known.  This interview with Mitchell was conducted after one of John’s talks when he was just beginning on his journey as a teacher.  Another perspective worth noting is found here: http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/inside-a-canadian-staring-cult-224



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cohen joseph-markWednesday, October 28, 6pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest this evening is the the poetic and gifted, Rebbe, Joseph-Mark Cohen.

In tonight’s dialogue, Joseph-Mark Mitchell engages Joseph-Mark on understanding Kabbalah through the lens of personal growth and development.
Joseph-Mark is the founder of The Tree-of-Life School, through which he teaches Kabballah, Astrology, sound-healing and the wisdom embedded in the mystical traditions and sacred sites around the world.

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Joseph-Mark has been practicing the art of kabbalistic astrology for the past 30 years. His early astrological influences included Dane Rudhyar and John Addey. He has been presenting kabbalistic astrology at a wide variety of conferences and seminars (AFAN, ARC, UAC, Whole Life and New Life Expos) for over 2 decades.
Joseph-Mark is the founder of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School, which presents seminars in shamanic kabbalah and kabbalistic healing at sacred sites planet wide. He is a student of earth mysteries, with a profound love of the mythologies and ceremonies of indigenous peoples throughout the world.
A gifted story-teller, creative catalyst, and polarity therapist, Joseph-Mark enjoys presenting Astrodrama (experiential astrology) in a variety of venues.
He is also the creator of Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars, The Right Name Consulting & the Pneemah Planetary Healing Initiative. Joseph-Mark is the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, (an epic poem 30 years in the writing), which weaves kabbalistic lore, star mythology, archeo-astronomy and earth mysteries into an extraordinary ceremonial invocation.
What’s Going to Change Our World or Should We Leave it Be?
Commentary by Mitchell Rabin
As we look at Earth from space, it is this gorgeous, blue-green sphere. One marvels, and can tear at the wondrous beauty.  As we approach closer, a slow zoom, blemishes in the beauty begin to appear.  Dark clouds of smog, floating soot, smokestacks billowing black smoke into the atmosphere, a space traveler would certainly wonder about what race or species would  tamper with such widespread beauty.  As a traveler gets closer, the tensions and conflicts of life on the surface get even more pronounced and concerning.
If one were to ‘enter the fray’, one would say a species, fragmented into different races partially by land-mass, and a preoccupation with what appear to be the most supercilious, superficial of things.  A few of these things are:  who has/controls more land?  Water?  Oil? Minerals? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Money? Control & power?  Ability to acquire information?
There is proportionately a small number of the members of the species that are engaged in the above preoccupations, and the vast majority are simply seeking to live, provide for their families food, water, shelter, cultural/artistic life, another group add to this education and yet another, ambitions for some form of business or professional
life.  These are generic delineations though reasonably accurate.
But the relatively few who are causing the majority of damage and harm, need to be stopped in so many of their endeavors, because they are destroying the habitat for everyone else.  Many people realize this but do little.  Others who realize this ignore it and prefer to simply pursue their interests in life, be they scientific, artistic, business, family, or otherwise.  It is as though there are a band of arsons who are recklessly roaming the world and starting fires, with some being wildfires but most are quieter and smoldering but ultimately, no less deadly.  The arsons are protected by a series of visible and invisible forces so it is not so simple to apprehend them to arrest them.  They are at the top of networks of people and corporations which would continue arsonist tactics even in the top arson’s absence.
Shall we just continue with lives we’ve chosen to cultivate beauty, chi, health, good will, public service and passion in our respective interests and domains, or do we put these aside to track down, arrest and civilly and criminally prosecute the arsonists?  There is no little danger to those who also pursue them as they have bloodhounds of different types surrounding the commons.  brain
Leaving it be likely means even further degrees of slavery and the house going up in flames, well rather, more like the frog in a pot of tepid water slowly heating.  Changing requires the most stringent of effort uncertain of any particular outcome.
Then there are a few twists in the story, which comes to us from the Earth’s wisdom and indigenous traditions as well as deeper understandings of neuroscience and quantum physics.  For instance, due to our actual relationship to the whole, including the arsons as members of our species and perhaps our galactic tribe, if we change ourselves, we change the world. If we broaden our perspective personally, we shift the energy body of the world/planet.  If we live an exemplary life on a local level, bearing the global and galactic levels in mind, which means also ‘in spirit’, in our higher intelligence, we would be generating a morphogenetic field which would have even greater impact on the whole, and yes indeed, including the arsons.  
As everything in the material plane is a function of mind, perception, belief and focus of attention anyway–to underscore this, matter is virtually empty space–the changing of ourselves and our own mind-heart-soul space contributes to what could be a profound shift in the minds-hearts-souls of the arsons and their networks.  We know that the reality of neuro-plasticity is so substantive, that change really is, as Lao-Tse has taught us, “the only constant”.
So indeed it then appears that our aligned mind-hearts-beings will change the world, and when our body/voice/language express the changes, we become forces to reckon with.
 Mitchell’s A Better World/Heaven On Earth Salon: Oct. 29, 6-8, NYC
m rabin
Facilitated by Mitchell, these workshops are about energy & stress management, personal development, leadership personal/ collective evolution, health and well-being. With a healing touch, broad knowledge and a playful humor, Mitchell is considered a leading edge speaker in the U.S. and abroad.  He brings holism to another level.
Energy & Stress Management, Qii-Gong, Mindfulness Meditation, quantum thinking, optimum wellness, Mind-Body Perspectives, emotions and mind in health, Sacred Stewardship, awakening the Soul by uncovering Life-Purpose and a life of meaning. These are some of the areas addressed using group dialogue, Therapeutic Theater and other ways of activating & exploring our imaginations, creativity and human potential.

The group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heart-opening and inspiring. There is a true sense of building communities of the future from the inside out and building leadership are a few of the subjects explored in the workshop.. Coming to terms with death, sex, money, how to handle conflict with some elegance along with the more challenging of conversations is are subjects Mitchell addresses with a touch of wisdom & inquiring heart-mind right beside the participants.  This level of authenticity serves those attending the group in every facet of their lives, personal and professional. Exposure to some of the latest, cutting-edge technologies for healing mind-body & planet is another domain frequented in these workshops.

If attending please email to mjr@abetterworld.net and put into the subject line:  Yes to Heaven On Earth. $40/person, Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access. 
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Mitchell now Offering Higher Brain Living Sessions in NYC
higher brain living

A revolutionary, gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live. Founder of Higher Brain Living, The experiences of people’s life-changing experiences are remarkable.

Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one and one based on adventure, mindfulness, passion & compassion? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential? This process will engage you in doing that. To schedule a session, call 212 420-0800.
Read Mitchell on Huffington Post & Natural News


For over two years now, Mitchell, invited by Arianna Huffington, has been writing for the Huffington Post. The subjects range from how to deal with stress to socially-conscious business, from challenging hydro-fracking to how to develop sustainability, green-thinking and humanity in the new-paradigm corporation & society. Go to: www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-j-rabin for a list of all the blogs/articles. And after reading, comment away! I love to hear from you and learn from your feedback.

Then there is Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.com which is another place where I’ve published articles on Health, Stress, Total biology and Wellness, a site that tells so much about what’s really going on in our society, you really don’t want to miss it! Go to: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author_Mitchell_Rabin.html for articles I’ve written there.

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