Sri Bhagavan – Kalki


sri-kalki-bhagavan“In all the years of my spiritual search, I have never found anything like Kalki’s Energy Transfer for awakening..In this interview, Mitchell Rabin elicits responses from beloved Kalki so that it itself becomes transforming…” Kiara Windrider, author of Eternity’s Doorway Mitchell interviews a spiritual teacher to over 15 million followers, Sri Bhagavan, on location outside Madras, India in Golden City. Bhagavan has a vision of world awakening and the power to see it through. Sri Bhagavan discusses this and the related subjects of Enlightenment with Mitchell in detail. Bhagavan does not give interviews regularly, so catch this rare footage and special conversation now being shown in different parts of the world to groups interested in Enlightenment for both self and the world. Learn about this breakthrough from its innovator in this rare interview. (30 min.)


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