Taking a Look at Mind Control, AI, Robotics & the Trans-Human

Wed., Nov. 28, 6pm EST: In Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception brought to our attention the power perception has in our daily lives.  Perception is the raw mind control bernays quotematerial of a belief system. A belief system occupies a specific psycho-somatic, psycho-emotional, body-mind neural network that lives in our sub-conscious, and mind control edward bernays quotesometimes our conscious mind.  George Orwell’s 1984, shows us how, when this principle is applied to a society by, say, a government, this establishes a perceptual frame that can then be normalized and can be declared to be a consensual reality.

If this is in service to the People, this phenomenon could be greatly constructive. If used to increase the power of a few over the mind control & transhumanism evolutionmasses for self-serving purposes, if for destructive reasons, a form of fascism emerges.  Granted, many people live in a trance of one sort or another most of life, but mind-control for self-interested purposes signals an entirely new era.  Tune in for exploration of these subjects.

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