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This Week’s TV & Radio Shows & Blog for December 27, 2015
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winn michaelMonday, Dec. 28, 7pm est: Mitchell’s guest this evening is Healing Tao teacher & Taoist scholar, Michael Winn.

Michael has 30 years experience in teaching subtle energy methods internationally, from Kundalini yoga in 70’s to Tai-Chi, qigong, and inner alchemy meditation today. Studied with the top spiritual teachers of this generation.

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As former President of the National Qigong (Chi-Kung) Association Michael Winn served two terms. This is a leading umbrella organization for all the different qigong and tai chi schools, teachers, healers, & practitioners in the U.S.

He is the Founder and Director of Healing Tao University summer retreat program (now at Heavenly Mountain in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mtns, near Asheville). The largest Tao arts program in the west.Writer/editor of Mantak Chia’s first seven books (that helped establish his fame).

Michael is well- known as co-author of the revolutionary Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy with Mantak Chia, and others.

He is also the author of many other qigong articles & book chapters.  He was Chairman of Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas for 9 years. It set standards for certification & ethics in the field.

One of the original Senior Instructors that launched the Healing Tao, which globally has certified over 1000 instructors and brought Tao teachings hundreds of thousands of people. (Abroad Healing Tao is known as Universal Tao).  He is author of ten Tao home study DVD-CD courses that integrate high level medical-spiritual qigong and inner alchemy as a progressive training. He pioneered taking Western Taoists into caves on Flower Mountain (Huashan) in China to meditate. Has led many China Dream Trips to develop relations between Western and Chinese Taoists in their sacred mountains & temples.  

Michael was one of the first guests on A Better World TV in 1993 and several times since on TV and Radio.  This is the latest interview, specifically on Taoist Alchemy.  Mitchell and Michael are old colleagues and friends, involved in spiritual disciplines together for decades. Mitchell has accompanied Michael on a couple of the China Dream Trips, hiking up sacred mountains to meditate and do Qi-Gong and other practices.

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 taylor montyWednesday, Dec. 30, 6pm est: This evening will be a brief astrological review of 2015 with focus on what is before us from an astrological perspective with renowned astrologer Monty Taylor, Jungian-Style Astrologer and Mythologist.  

One of the areas of focus in this evening’s show is about the transformation of the structure of our money supply, the very structure of the currency system itself, with which we are so accustomed.  With the upcoming influences mapped according to the ancient science and art of astrology, 2016 offers some pretty profound opportunities for transforming structures–and ourselves as well.

Called “the Joseph Campbell of Astrology,” Monty shares his insights and wisdom of astrological energies and their mythologies to steer us toward awareness and alignment with our true paths.

Using the statistical cycles of time in a meaningful and practical way, he helps us better understand the normal stages of personal and collective evolution of our relationships, finances, career goals, and self-understanding.astrology roundtable in studio monty & arun

Monty maintains an extensive private practice as an astrologer in Manhattan. His clients include individuals, corporations, and celebrities in the fields of international performing arts, financial management, and complementary and traditional medicine.  

Monty has been a guest on A Better World Radio numerous times as well as A Better World TV.


Mitchell’s A Better World/Heaven On Earth Salon: Monday, Jan. 4, 6-8, NYC
m rabin
Facilitated by Mitchell, this workshop focuses on life-purpose, energy & stress management, personal development, healthy relationships and well-being. With a healing touch, broad knowledge and a playful humor, Mitchell is considered to be a leading edge speaker & teacher in the U.S. and abroad.  He brings holism and human potential to another level.
Tapping into techniques of stress management, Qi-Gong, Mindfulness Meditation, quantum thinking, neuro-science, Mind-Body Perspectives, emotions and mind in health, Sacred Stewardship, uncovering Life-Purpose and a life of meaning these workshops utilize dialogue and therapeutic theater to activate imagination, facilitate healing and tickle our creativity, humor and human potential.

The group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heart-opening and inspiring. There is a true sense of building communities for the future from the inside out and building leadership are a few of the subjects explored in the workshop.. Coming to terms with death, sex, money, how to handle conflict with some elegance along with the more challenging of conversations is are subjects Mitchell addresses with a touch of wisdom & inquiring heart-mind right beside the participants.  This level of authenticity serves those attending the group in every facet of their lives, personal and professional. Exposure to some of the latest, cutting-edge technologies for healing mind-body & planet is another domain frequented in these workshops.

If attending NYC group, please email to mjr@abetterworld.net and put into the subject line:  Yes to A Better World. $40/person, Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access.
Mitchell now Offering Higher Brain Living Sessions in NYC
higher brain living

A revolutionary, gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live. Founder of Higher Brain Living, The experiences of people’s life-changing experiences are remarkable.

Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one and one based on adventure, mindfulness, passion & compassion? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential? This process will engage you in doing that. To schedule a session, call 212 420-0800.
Read Mitchell on Huffington Post & Natural News


For over two years now, Mitchell, invited by Arianna Huffington, has been writing for the Huffington Post. The subjects range from how to deal with stress to socially-conscious business, from challenging hydro-fracking to how to develop sustainability, green-thinking and humanity in the new-paradigm corporation & society. Go to: www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-j-rabin for a list of all the blogs/articles. And after reading, comment away! I love to hear from you and learn from your feedback.

Then there is Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.com which is another place where I’ve published articles on Health, Stress, Total biology and Wellness, a site that tells so much about what’s really going on in our society, you really don’t want to miss it! Go to: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author_Mitchell_Rabin.html for articles I’ve written there.

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