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Rachel Mann is a Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist from the American Colon Therapy Association (A.C.T.A.). She has been treating individuals iwht colon cleansing for over 12 years. She comes with a wealth of experience as well as a clear understanding of all of her clients’ needs so that they can experience a gentle and complete cleansing process.

Colon Irrigation is a very safe procedure. We use only filtered water and disposable materials, in a very clean environmkent. Colon cleansing removes debris from the system and alleviates constipation, acne, rashes, allergies, worms and parasites, so a sense of well-being can be achieved. Weight loss is also accomplished with the removal of old waste from the colon. We also work with herbs: Wheat Grass, Acidphilis, Oxygen, garlic and Aloe Vera. We also work with candida-yeast infections, nail fungus, gas, bloating, skin problems and depression.

The most modern cleansing equipment for sterilization (Digital Auto Claves) and special cleansing solutions are used to completely sterilize all areas. We also provide disposable instruments.

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