Water Wars, Documentary Film

water warsTuesday February 17, 3pm EST: Highlighting the importance of awareness of life, ecology & politics in the same breath, we are re-airing the documentary film Water Wars, with guests award-winning Director Jim Burroughs and producer Suzanne Bauman.

This timely documentary uncovers critical water issues facing humanity.It takes the viewer from the floods and droughts in Bangladesh, to dam building in India, water management in the Netherlands and the latest wake-up call in America: the Katrina disaster and the drought in the Southwest.

Future wars will be fought over access to fresh water, unless we come together to face this global crisis. Without water there is no life.

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jim burroughsJim Burroughs has written, produced and directed over 150 films and TV shows of different genres. He has worked on six continents, documenting and re-creating personal dramas, expeditions, wars, and historical events. His clients have included Paramount, ABC, CBS, PBS, A&E, Channel 4 UK, France 5, Discovery, and National Geographic International. He is a cameraman and a composer, as well, with 200 songs and scores to his credit. He has worked underwater for Mike Nichols, tracked rhinos in the wild with Jack Hanna, and filmed the real “Indiana Jones” excavating the ancient caves of Israel.

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suzanne baumanSuzanne Bauman, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, is Supervising Producer of “The Writing Code,” a televisionmini-series for PBS about the invention, history, art and craft of writing from ancient times to the internet. The project, with extensive outreach and website, was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science Foundation.

Her feature documentary “Shadow of Afghanistan” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and is now distributed worldwide by Cinema Libre Studios, who also represent “Water Wars,” best documentary feature winner, 2014 Universe Multicultural Film Festival. “Jackie Behind the Myth,” a two-hour documentary special on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, premiered on PBS and aired in more than 30 countries.

An Academy Award Nominee for “Against Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey,” her films are distributed worldwide, including “Suleyman the Magnificent,” “Cuba in the Shadow of Doubt,” “La Belle Epoque,” “The Artist Was a Woman,” Light of the Gods,” “Merchants and Masterpieces,” “The Way of the Warrior,” “Spirit Catcher: the Art of Betye Saar,” and “The Women of Summer.”

The importance of the subject addressed in this film cannot be over-estimated. Focused on the water war between India and Bangladesh, yet the same issue is becoming global. We are re-airing this due to the film’s heightened importance.

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