Weather Control through Mental Ability

weather-controlThis report is coming to you live from Pagosa Springs from the roving reporter. The Weather Service was predicting some light snow for Pagosa Springs, CO this morning. A small group of lightworkers, using Michael’s instructions worked against that prediction, and guess what?  It is now 6 AM and No snow at all, just some light rain. I guess Michael is telling the truth. Sorry PinPoint Weather. The new breed of weathermen will be creators of weather, not predictors.


Also, when Michael was here last December, we had the mildest winter in recent history, and it only snowed when Michael and a few others called for the snow, as several residents were complaining about lack of snow.


It is all about having your soul energy extended past your body, then the molecules in the air respond to your mental commands via the 5D Light Grid that Michael spoke about in the aerokinesis video. It is a tough illusion to crack, because the earth grid is a much greater density than the light grid, so there is a time lag between the mental commands and their manifestion in nature. But, what Michael teaches – expanding your soul energy past your body “into this density” – we can begin to have a close to immediate effect on the weather.


The more of us that do this, the more powerful the effect if we come together. There is a doubling effect via a spiritual law called the “Law of Squares”… if two are joined together with souls overlapped, the effect is 2X, if three are overlapped, the effect is 4X, and if four are overlapped it is 8X.


As I typed this, the Christ entity is asking to rewrite a misunderstood scripture passage…”Where two or more are joined together as ONE, there I AM” This is Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. I wish to thank the lightworkers of Pagosa Springs for their dedication to the work of raising the consciousness of Earth. Bless you all the “time” that you have been waiting for is now.

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