YES on Proposition 37-LABEL GMO FOODS!!!

Prop 37 Logo“Who are we growing this food for? We’re growing it for the consumer,” said David Winsberg of Happy Quail Farms. “It’s important we all know what’s in our food.”

Farmers overwhelmingly support Prop 37.   They agree that we have the right to know what they’re growing for us. In fact, more than 2,000 farmers and agricultural organizations say Yes on 37, including the National Family Farm Coalition, the California State Grange, and California Certified Organic Farmers.

prop 37 posterMonsanto and the rest of the Big 6 pesticide companies are no friend to farmers, so they hide behind people like Ted Sheely in their Million Dollars a Day television ads. Sheely grows genetically engineered cotton in the San Joaquin Valley on his 8,700-acre farm. At least we suspect it’s genetically engineered cotton. Food companies aren’t required to tell us, even it winds up in our food as cottonseed oil.

companies opposing prop 37Ted appears in one of the many TV ads deliberately lying to California voters about Proposition 37. The ad featuring Sheely asserts that Prop 37 will raise food costs by “billions of dollars”. There is no independent evidence—nor coherent logic—supporting that claim, of course. Prop 37 simply requires a label on genetically engineered foods, which will cost consumers, well, nothing. Food companies change their labels every 6-12 months on average; Prop 37 gives them 18 months.

Our pesticide and junk food industry opponent’s have one central goal behind their Million Dollar a Day ad campaign: steer voters away from the irresistible notion that we have the right to know what’s in the food on our grocery store shelves. Let’s steer voters back to this simple truth.

Speak the Truth by talking to California voters via our phone bank or in person. Sign up tovolunteer here.

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We can do this. 15 days!

Tom Fendley, Yes on 37

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  1. Few are aware of the larger Food Production Efficiencies context in which GMO’s are clearly not humanity’s best choice. The following research link will provide details for those wishing tools for a productive, abundant food system.

    GMO’s are a part of a vast 2-dimensional ‘agriculture’ (Latin ‘ager’ = ‘field’) deficiency & violently self-imposed ignorance perpetuated in colonial societies for 6000 years. Humanity’s ‘indigenous’ (L = ‘self-generating’) ancestors cultivated the 3-D polyculture orchard with canopies & lower levels as vines, bushes, herbs, vegetables, greens, nuts, fruit, mushrooms etc across continental landscapes. Polyculture Orchards photosynthesize 92 – 98% of solar energy into massive abundance of food, material, water-cycle, energy etc. Biosphere energy cold spots attract warm-moist ocean winds inland. 60% of ocean to continent water transfer is through condensation on leaf surfaces. Agriculture field crops only photosynthesize between 2 – 8% of solar energy, reflecting over 90% back into the troposphere. Reflected solar energy pushes winds from the continent into the oceans thus creating desert conditions. Orchard tree roots descend as deep as the canopy pumping water, mining minerals & developing nutrient colonies tens of metres deep. Agriculture roots are only centimetres deep. Polyculture orchards are 100 times (10,000%) more productive of food,materials, energy, water-cycle & other essential ecological services than agriculture. Life on earth only exists because of the height & capacity of trees whose heights actually perfectly mirror earth’s distance & energy balance with the sun. Until humanity again understands our natural-science primate roles as stewards of the tree & biosphere, we live in disequilibrium with nature, scarcity, cruelty & slavery to ignorancesuch as GMO’s & agriculture represent.

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